Structural modifications & repairs Newcastle NSW


Structural modifications and repairs improve the sustainability and liveability of your house. It takes careful planning, innovative design and an expert builder to complete the job. Wall removal, retouching, moving interior walls and constructing large doorways is some of the work we specialise in. If you need to support the roof load, install new walls, add flooring, increase sub-floor ventilation or repair rising damp, we are prepared to help.
Modification Room — Home Improvements in Wyoming, NSW


It’s not uncommon for a structure to require changes. Often, this includes shoring and load transfer. By hiring Australian Home Improvements, you employ highly trained and knowledgeable workers that understand the ins and outs of your structure. We handle structural modifications from the superstructure down to the foundation.

Under the supervision of an engineer, we determine how to modify the structure so it provides the support you need. From top to bottom, we assure you receive a solid building when we are done.
Renovation House — Home Improvements in Wyoming, NSW


There are times when you require repairs to your home to create more stability. From expansive soils and lateral overloading to inadequate capacity and settlement, we understand the issues that lead to requiring home repairs.

Our skilled team understands the importance of proper underpinning and re-levelling. We also handle tie-backs and lateral anchors. Aside from foundation replacements, we also aim to help with a buttress, counterfort and sister walls.

Contact Australian Home Improvements for a consultation on all your structural needs. We walk with you through the planning, design and execution. With more than 30 years in the business, we have seen it all.