Interior decorating & remodelling Newcastle NSW


Looking for a whole new look? The team at Australian Home Improvements repositions walls, enhances decorative ceilings and adds new flooring. Whether you need rooms painted or you want custom-built cabinetry, we’ve got you covered.
Beautiful interior — Home Improvements in Wyoming, NSW

Interior Design

Where you place things in the home makes all the difference with the appearance. Our professionals are equipped to handle installing the appropriate fixtures, organisational equipment and flooring to change the way your home feels.

Let us use some metal to decorate the ceiling, change the colour of your room’s walls or replace your bed head. We can also supply bedside tables, reinstate fireplaces and bring your older home back to new with some interior restoration.

House remodelling — Home Improvements in Wyoming, NSW


There are times in your life when a remodel is necessary. Whether you need to accommodate a handicapped family member or you are thinking of having children, remodeling the home is a great option.

Our team can reposition walls, add new plasterwork and plasterboard plus create custom-built cabinetry as a final touch. Consider adding some brickwork to the exterior of your home or create a monochromatic colour scheme. You might prefer the contrast of a concrete floor with some timber furniture to balance the look. For customers who prefer a clean, minimalistic appearance to those that want bright, bold colours, we are ready to create your dream.

Australian Home Improvements caters to your individual needs. We work hand in hand with you to determine what your final outcome looks like. We employ skilled tradespeople who understand the importance of doing the job right. Join the ranks of our other satisfied customers and call us today.